Apply for Sinabela Scholarship full scholarship overseas

How to Apply for Sinabela Scholarship full scholarship overseas

The Sanibel Scholarship program is a program offers scholarships to students who wish to study both Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in the United Kingdom, other European countries and outside. Interested candidates will have to take a computer-based examination after which tuition fee award scholarship will be offered to the successful candidates.

Sinabela Scholarship

The Sinabela Scholarship includes:

  • student visa
  • flight ticket
  • And hostel accommodation

The service is offered to assist in preparing interested candidates throughout the application process. They also assist in providing support for candidates upon admission and, they also assist them to get used to their new environment.

The candidates are been offered jobs while are studying to make them financially stable, in providing for their personal needs.

Sinabela Scholarship

Candidates are only required to pay for the Entrance Examination. Those who don’t care to sit for examination can only apply for Partial Scholarship instead.

The scholarship registration deadline is 1st March 2019. Candidates who registered late will be accepted but without the benefit flight ticket, visa, and accommodation, etc.


Sinabela Scholarship is there to provide financial assistance to talented, intelligent and potential students with low financial assistance. They help students the get every support and assistance they need to unleash their hidden talents, to unlock and show out their potential to the world. They assist students in realizing their dreams and making it come true.

Sinabela Scholarship


  1. Scholarships for those who seek to study both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree both in and outside the Europe country.

There will be a computer-based exam (will hold on April 2019) which the qualified candidates will be awarded scholarships including accommodation, visa, and free tuition fee.

  1. Partial Scholarship for students who wish not to sit for examination but will want to apply for admission.

Students who registered after 31st January will not have free accommodation.

The Entrance Exam Registration Process is as follows:

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  1. Please am interested in the Scholarship program but I don’t have the money for the examination fees please if any body can help i will be great full or I will pay back later please help

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