Ultimate guide to study Abroad: Tips I never Knew When Before I got my Scholarships

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Ultimate guide to study Abroad: Tips I never Knew When Before I got my Scholarships

We have great news on opportunities and a list of scholarships to study abroad for interested students and in this post, you will learn and understand the importance of studying abroad in the USA.

It might interest you to know that some of the scholarships to study abroad are been supposed by the government or some private organizations.

List of some scholarship to study abroad that’s been supposed by the Nigerian government

  • Federal Government Scholarships
  • Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship
  • Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)

The above are the top and most popular scholarships to study abroad sponsored by the federal government.

List of some scholarships sponsored by the private companies in Nigeria

  • Shell scholarship
  • Total scholarship

Some of these private scholarships have really favored a lot of individuals and it has exposed a lot of youth and vibrant youths in the pursuit of their careers abroad.

What you need to consider seeking a scholarship abroad or looking for a scholarship to study abroad

you need to decide what course and university you intend to study abroad and as well as the list of their courses to ensure it corresponds with your desired career.

You must be sure the country you intend to study in accepts and gives a visa to your country of origin

You must be sure of the institution and the procedures involved to gain admission through a scholarship program  to study abroad

You must be sure of an alternative on how to survive abroad even though you’re on a scholarship, the reasons might be that your sponsor might not provide all your needs and you need to have a living staying abroad.


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