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100% Correct Guide For NYSC Online Registration



Do you know that the Nysc Batch B online registration has commenced? Are you yet to register or finding it difficult to register? You will learn about all the online registration procedure for Nysc Batch B prospective corp member today.

Information On NYSC Allowance Increment Is Below, Please Read More…

The online registration commenced immediately it was 12:00 am of 1 June 1, 2019, and some prospective corp members were on vigil to enable them to register on time and get their desired states.

All prospective corp members who are currently in the process of registering for the ongoing NYSC registration on the NYSC Portal must fulfill the following requirements and before accessing the NYSC portal.

NYSC Batch B Portal 2019

The following must be available before online registration;

  • A valid email address and password
  • A valid address and Full names
  • Next of kin Details and relationship
  • Genotype and Blood Group information
  • Valid phone number and emergency contact information
  • Specific address, state of origin and LGA
  • Jamb Registration number
  • School matriculation number

NYSC Batch B Form


The NYSC Portal is very easy and simple to use as it requires the following;

  • A desktop computer or Laptop
  • Fingerprint Hardware
  • Webcam or Digital Camera

If you have the above mentioned, then you are all ready to start the online registration.

Follow these steps and procedure and you will successfully register as a Nysc Batch B corp member.

NYSC Batch B Portal

  • Fresh Registration: this is for a fresh and new online registration
  • Revalidation: this is for PCM who have registered before but did not go to the camp at all.

Since our topic is on how to register as a new Prospective corp member, you will have to click on the fresh registration link here. This is where you will fill the first form and provide details of your email address.


An email must be sent from NYSC to your own email for account creation and validation. Check your spam box if you don’t see the mail in your inbox.

Once you have confirmed your email, please continue with the other stage of registration and onward payment of NYSC fee of N2, 957.


What if I don’t want to join the batch b?

Yes, it possible and you won’t have issues. Simply go online and register, make the payment but you won’t show up in the camp.

What if I am deployed to a war zone in the North?

All PCMs deployed to the North that is facing conflict will be compensated with a free deployment of choice of state, otherwise called automatic redeployment.

What if I am debited from my bank during online payment but it failed on the NYSC portal?

Issues like this will be reversed by the bank or revalidated by after a short period.

Fingerprinting issues

Kindly restore the fingerprint hardware or check compatibility with your computer.

Please If you have Any Issue doing this, kindly use the comment section to lets us know and we shall always provide you with the necessary assistance you might need.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones, because we sincerely love your friends too and want them to have this information as well.

Notice: Nysc Has Not Official Increased Or Stated Paying anybody 30k, Thank You.

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